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Proposal Consulting Services

The development, implementation, and integration of mapping solutions have been a primary focus of GeoSpatial Consulting Services since the company was founded in 2005. With more than two decades of experience with mapping consultation, GeoSpatial Consulting Services has consistently demonstrated insight and creativity in helping clients over the technical and institutional hurdles.

From initial consultation on project strategy, through the hands-on work of project implementation and integration, GeoSpatial Consulting Services offers a full spectrum of GIS consulting services to help our clients plan and implement their mapping projects. GeoSpatial Consulting Services serves as both a project “architect” and as an overseer and active participant throughout the proposal development cycle.

GeoSpatial Consulting Services understands that a project’s foundation is crucial to its long-term success and utility, and we use a proprietary set of documented, proven methodologies to ensure that each project meets the high standards our clients have for us.

GeoSpatial Consulting Services’ exceptional knowledge about and experience with the key software platforms in use today; and through continuing research into industry trends, we are aware of emerging technologies and their potential impacts on our clients.

The range of services that we offer our clients throughout the project life-cycle is extensive and allows us the freedom to work with clients through every step of their project development, or through specific stages of their technological advancement, including planning, design, development, and operation.

Services: The Complete Proposal Life-Cycle



Strategy and Reengineering


Requirements analyses
Feasibility studies
Applications definition
Implementation planning


Hardware specifications
Software specifications
Data specifications


System procurement and installation
Data acquisition
Data quality control/quality assurance
Application design and development
Web enabling/interfaces

Operation and Support

System administration
Database administration and maintenance
System upgrades and expansion